B.A. ( Research ) in History India :: Shiv Nadar University

The Department of History and Archaeology

The Department of History and Archaeology at Shiv Nadar University offers a unique and creative intertwining of history and archaeology as two disciplinary approaches to the past.

We seek to impart rigorous training in the methods and theoretical approaches in both history and archaeology from the undergraduate level and encourage students to think and write creatively. We feel the real challenge in teaching archaeology and history is to introduce students to the past in its totality, since both disciplines are concerned with vast sweeps of time and space. Our aim is to make studying the past  more enjoyable through a creative engagement with the sources.

The department has a strong focus on research with faculty who are experts in their fields. Our independent projects enable us to speak across the social sciences, create bridges between the sciences and humanities, and pro-actively communicate our work to larger audiences. We envision the department as a democratic and inter-disciplinary space with students and faculty who are committed to a creative and critical engagement with the past in all its diversity and complexity.

The Department of History and Archaeology hosts a thriving academic seminar series and a research forum for early career researchers. We also periodically organize research workshops and research colloquia relating to faculty strengths in history and archaeology. Student participation in seminars and conferences, exhibitions and film screenings are strongly encouraged. The faculty plays an active role in assisting students with research internships and other research-related activities.

For an queries regarding the UG programme, contact Dr Anubhuti Maurya, UG advisor