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Mnemon: The History Society

Mnemon is the History Society of the Shiv Nadar University. This society believes that everyone has a sense of the past and an understanding of history. Mnemon seeks to inculcate a passion for history within one and all, using which they may interrogate their understandings of the past and have a dialogue with them. Our vision is to create a comfortable space for all to interact and we encourage a multi-disciplinary perspective on history. In particular,  we seek to initiate a sustained a dialogue between students of various departments. Our objective is to create a sphere within the university where all kinds of questions are asked and thought about collectively, and where we critically challenge our taken-for-granted assumptions and people and the world around us. Throughout the year, we organise talks, film screenings, student quizzes and other activities. We also help first-year students acquain themselves with the department and have a Student Mentor initiative.  If you would like to contact us, our official email is

Meet The Team

Faculty Advisor
Srabondeya Haldar
Nalin Mishra
Associate secretary I
Manashini M
Associate Secretary II
S. Senajith
Saumya Saini
Freshman Coordinator
Angel Roy Thomas
Technical Advisor