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Mnemon: The History Society

Mnemon is the History Society of the Shiv Nadar University. The Society is of the firm belief that every one has a sense of the past and an understanding of history. This society aims to learn, extend, and interrogate these understandings by having a dialogue with them. The very nature of history as a discipline demands conversation with people from all spheres in order to come to an understanding of the many meanings of the past. Instead of educating people, our vision is to build a relationship with the student community across departments to have a meaningful exchange of ideas about our past. Our objective is to create a sphere within the university where all kinds of questions are asked and thought about collectively and all kinds of differences are not only tolerated but celebrated.

Meet The Team

Faculty Advisor
Angel Roy Thomas
Nandini Jha
Associate secretary I
L Gitanjali
Associate Secretary II
Prapti Panda