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Reading the Past

The past does not reveal itself to us. We feel the presence of the past and make sense out of it through a variety of methods. Our methods depend upon what we wish to know of the past and the kinds of questions we ask of it. They make us aware of many pasts; or, the plurality of the past.
This course creates a regard of the making of history by offering a view of some of the historical and archaeological methods, theoretical approaches and ‘sources’ we might use. It demonstrates the analytical and critical aspects of the historical enquiry, and the many different ways in which a specific period of the past can be explored. It informs of the many ways in which a past may be ‘read’ so that we are able to understand the present better, and anticipate the future in a much more nuanced manner.
Grading Scheme
3 Class Tests of 25% weightage each and 25% for class participation

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