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Technology & Society

This course will explore the relationship of technology and society, more specifically on how technology impacts society and how social influences bring about technological change.

Technologies do not evolve in a vacuum or change without impetus. Technological evolution, development and change are closely related to requirements of society and to social change itself. Often, technologies adapt and develop according to changing social, economic and political factors. In that sense, technologies are strongly embedded in their immediate social environment. In turn, technologies impact on societies by bringing about further change.
1. Technology, An Introduction
a) The ambit of technology
b) Invention/innovation
c) The mental template
d) Concept of chaine operatoire

2. Technological breakthroughs
a) Writing as communication
b) The virtuosity of stone
c) Rotary motion and its applications
d) Metallurgy of copper and iron

3. Transmission of technology
a) Transmission over space
b) Transmission over time

4. Studying past technologies
a) Ethno-archaeology
b) Experimental archaeology

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