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  • Archaeology Laboratory

The Archaeology Laboratory in Shiv Nadar University is a teaching-cum-research space for students and faculty. Archaeological lab-based methods, such as ceramic, artefact and ecofact classification are taught here as well as techniques of documentation and analysis. The Laboratory also has an overhead projector for conducting classes on methods. 

The Archaeology Laboratory is intended as a space where faculty research on archaeological specimens, generated as a result of field surveys and excavations, can be undertaken. The intention is to inspire students to join in such work to enable them to gain valuable practice in handling archaeological specimens and to truly understand materiality through hands-on engagement.

The Laboratory also has space for future archaeological collections from faculty and doctoral students' fieldwork projects as also a space for cleaning and consolidation of fragile artefacts and ceramics. The Laboratory is well-lit with natural light for productive work in documentation of material.

Computers are available in the Laboratory for storing archaeological data. The Laboratory also has a collection of surveying equipment in the form of fibreglass tapes, hand-held GPS machines, Brunton compass, as well as documentation equipment such as digital calipers and digital weighing machines.


D 105, D 107